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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by tamz08, Jan 25, 2010.

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    Hi, please could you give me a little advice on when is the right time to let my chickens wonder free. I have had them 8 days now in a 20ft run. They all seem happy & healthy and are eating correctly. Whilst I am at work Mon to Fri I keep them in the run but am wanting to let them wonder free on a weekend. I was thinking this weekend! I will have had them two weeks by then. Do you think this is wise or should I leave it a little longer ?? Thank You
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    Usually after 5-6 days of confinement to a coop/run/tractor they have learned that's their home. You should have no problems with your plan.

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    They should be fine by now and know where "home" is. But, you might want to start by letting them out for short periods at a time. If it is still light out when you get home from work let them out for about an hour or so while you are out there with them. They likely won't stray very far from their coop. When it begins to get dark, and/or you are ready for them to go back in, call them with some treats. They'll be ready to go in by then and will also get used to coming in when you call. That way you'll also be training them to come when you want them. Makes it much easier if you need to get them in at other times. Have fun and Good luck.
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    Like Mimichick said. I trained mine as chicks by whistling a song when I fed them. Now they stampede towards the gate if they even hear one or two notes of that song, even if they cannot see me. I once had occasion when watching chicken TV about 20 ft from the gate , INSIDE the run, to very very softly whistle that song and have seen them run past me like crazy to the gate thinking someone else was coming with treats. The two on my shoulders and one sleeping in my lap stayed there tho. [​IMG]
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    Wow, can't wait now to let them have their first experiance of free time. I was pretty sure that they were ready but a bit of friendly advise can't go a miss. THANK YOU.

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