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Apr 27, 2009
I have a lone hen from my first foray into the wonderful world of chickens,who is now 24 weeks old...she is of indeterminate breeding and is white with grey legs and feet. I was wondering when I would get an egg...just one would be great!!,.

She has ,just this past week joined up with my 4 10week old red sex link girls, and their 2 pens are together...no problems with any pecking order as they were in full view of each other for 5 weeks. I know the babie's won't lay for ages yet but my daughters and I are checking every day for eggs in Amy's coop.

How does everyone else stand the suspense of waiting for that first little inedible miracle...I know I am having dreams of finding that first offering.

Any advice or sympathy would be most welcome!
aaww yeah... it kinda sucks waiting anxiously... i got a surprise of 11 eggsfrom my leghorn in the twig pile in my yard just monday.. i hadn't hit the stage you're at yet becasue i was figuring eggs late this month next month... but now i'm where you are waiting for my EE's to start laying..... i'm like c'mon ladies.. your sister is showing you up... and the leghorn is actually 1 week younger than the EE's... one of the girls didn't come out of their "coop" this morning and she keeps trying to hide from view when i go to check on her so i'm hoping this is egg behavior for her and that she's not sick... i'll pop in and post later if i found a greenish egg...
good luck with your lady... i read in one of hte threads here that you might want to give a few different boxes with a variesty of nesting materials??
maybe she's picky.. she's waiting for you to put out that velvet pillow?

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