When Plans Don't Pan Out

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    After spending a small fortune attempting to hatch my own eggs to get some "rainbow colored" eggs I decided this year the less expensive way to go would be to order a rainbow mix of 25 pullets from Meyers.

    My big plan was to sell all but 8 hens when they reached the egg laying stage. That hasn't worked out but I am having lots of fun with these birds as they grow. My methods and condition are so rustic I have dubbed myself the Redneck Chicken man.

    I do live in town limits, I am suppose to have no more than 5 hens, and I have to keep things relatively neat; so far no problem--but interesting everybody around has chickens. Even though the ordinance says "no roosters" it sounds like a farm neighborhood around here starting before day light.

    Check out my pictures https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1956670800361.2098721.1350456944&l=23fce1c3a1&type=1
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    Feb 4, 2011
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    Nice! [​IMG] What did you get in your rainbow pack?
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    Jun 16, 2010
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    Nice Ee roo [​IMG]
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    Oct 9, 2010
    [​IMG] Lovely birds...
  5. gessieviolet

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    As to variety I have no idea (they select and guarantee at least 5 different). I did get at least 8 different looking pullets. Only getting white and brown eggs so far. (8 yesterday, so I hope as the others lay color will come.

    Rex, the rooster, was a left over from a basically failed last year's hatch. I advertised him for sale, got a call who claimed she coming " as soon as kids get through eating---don't live far away." I put bird in a small cage in the shade so I would not have to traumatize him when she arrived, in less than 3 hours I discovered him dead!

    Unfortunately I didn't provide water. Heat was 100+ that day. SHE NEVER SHOWED or called
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    Poor chicken, yep gotta keep water available even if it is 5 min. of them being penned. The heat is unforgiving this year.

    Back to a more positive thought: was the egg your rooster hatched from blue? If so, you can breed him to your girls to pass that color egg gene and increase chances of EEs that lay green or blue eggs. He is a handsome rooster.
  7. gessieviolet

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    unfortunately, it was this rooster that I managed to send to the great coop in the sky!

    I can't decide who to most disgusted with, myself or the woman who prompted me to do such a thoughtless and stupid thing!
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