When Should I Start Collecting the Eggs?


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8 Years
Jul 19, 2011
My 3 little ladies have laid their first eggs and I am not sure when I should start collecting them. I have heard that you want to leave them for a few days so that they continue to lay... any thoughts?
I collected mine right at the moment I found it....and they have kept on laying!! So I say...go get 'em and enjoy! Congrats!!!
If I hear the egg song or I know someone is laying I go and collect them right away. I am afraid they will step on the eggs and crack them and discover they are delicious to eat and turn into egg eaters.
Collect the eggs daily or twice daily in the winter if there is danger of them freezing - no need to wait or leave them.
Agreed. Right now I am collecting three times daily due to our triple digit temps.
Add golfballs or fake eggs to the nest to show the girls where you want them to lay their eggs.
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