When should my Saxony duck start laying?


Nov 26, 2015
Hello all! I was hoping for some insight here.

I have a female Saxony duck that my bantam hen hatched. She is about 28 weeks old, and so far not laying. I was wondering if this is typical? She is on all-poultry feed with our hens, and seems fat and happy. Could there be an issue with her reproductive system, or is it typical for them to take this long? I may be a bit paranoid because I've never had anything but chickens.

Thank you in advance, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Ducks often start laying around 6 months old.
Did you say she's fat? Obesity could keep a duck from laying.
I'm not the most experienced here, so I don't have much advice, but I don't think it's a big problem.
The friend who gave me the egg just told me that her mother is a very inconsistent layer and lays for about four months out of the year, so I'm assuming that our problem is probably genetics. Thank you though!

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