When should we start hatching eggs (In NH)


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Aug 19, 2008
Monadnock Region, NH
Good Morning! I am in Southwestern NH and we've only had our chickens for about a year. We did a late hatch in August using a hen and only had one chick hatch. My husband and I want to try again this year, but earlier, we're just not sure when it's ok to start letting a hen lay on the eggs in our area. Is there a temperature at night that we should wait for, or will the eggs be ok? Being in New England there's always a possibility of snow into April. Do I need to wait for the weather to be nicer?


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Thanks! We're having issues with the hens eating the eggs before we get them each morning, so if we can cut them of that habit then I think we'll see if we can get some hatched in the next few months.

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