when to add new ducks?


6 Years
Apr 30, 2013
i am getting some pekin ducklings tomorrow and was wondering when i can let them out with my 2 geese and 2 ducks that always stay together. they stay together cause they've always been together all the way from bei g bought the same brooder. will the big flock accept new ducks?
They likely will, eventually BUT take it slow.. you have anyway to have them penned so they can see/speak with the flock but not be with them? that is how i transition non hatched birds here.

There is a pecking order and things can get out of hand, so do be present when they finally do merge, most time some jabbing and babbling takes place but personalities do play a role too.

I have successfully, merged young quite often here, did so again this yr and it does usually come out in the end, when done slowly and with proper guidance.
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they took just fine! i decided to take the risk and throw them in cold turkey, or should i say cold duck after just a few days at most of having their own small cage in the duck/goose sleeping pen. they get along fine!

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