When to butcher guines. Hear great for eating!

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    Oct 28, 2009
    I have 5 guines that I would like to buthcer if not too late. I have seen small info that they are great for eating. I orginally wanted them for organic pest eaters. The biggest problem with them is they eat the produce as well as the bugs. Had more trouble with them eating my tomatoes vs. the layers and the turkeys. Plus they travel very far sometimes over a mile away. Getinng anoid so I thought about taking them in to the butcher and need ideas how to cook them. Plus they can be pretty mean toward my layers. Very my space only birds. Ahhhhh!

    14-araucana, 38- iza browns, 4 black australorp, 4-buff orphanton, 5-guineas, 8-speckled sussex, 6-partiage rock, 3- RIreds, 5-white rocks, 5-barred rocks!
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    They are rich and gamy type of birds according to hubby....He said a gumbo would be good with them...I have not eaten one so cannot say.

    Hope this was helpful and have a blessed day.
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