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So do I need to clean out the pine shavings every day? or can I just fluff it a bit so that all the poop isn't on top and change out the brooder every 2 days? OR can I add some more litter on top and wait even longer!
I guess it depends on how big it is /what your situation is. I have two brooders going right now, both in Rubbermaid tubs, that I clean every day. I cover the bottom with newspaper and put the pine shavings on top of that. When I clean it, I just roll up the pine shavings in the newspaper into a WalMart bag and throw the whole thing away, spray and wipe it out, put down new newspaper and shavings and done.

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We clean ours out about twice a week - pine shavings get scooped up and put in a container and out to the compost bin. We do half the brooder at a time, giving the peeps a chance to feel ok about this. We have 22 chickens. That is a lot. About 16 more than we originally planned.
I do it when I can't stand the smell:)! The bigger they get the more often they need a bedding change. How big is your brooder, how many chicks and how easy is it to clean? If it has a screened bottom that would be easier to do. I move my chicks into four different areas before introducing them into the main coop and run.
When they were younger, I cleaned the entire brooder once a week. I spot clean 20 times a day. Now their older(4 weeks-9 weeks) I clean the entire brooder every other day and I still spot clean 20 times a day. They are getting very messy. I use an extra large dog kennel.
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