when to change the food

HI, my chicks have a week change over with chick crumb to grower...then same when I change them onto layer pellets ..when I mix both feeds reducing the one they are coming off and increasing the new food over the week...
Rather than waffle on about percentages etc etc ...
Here’s a great link that tells you everything in a nutshell ...
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Read the labels. Some grower feeds are formulated for meat birds, with a much lower protein content to slow and control the growth rate. You need a feed with at least 18% protein content and should not exceed 2% calcium. And you don't actually need to switch to layer feed at all. They can get all the calcium they need from crushed oyster shell. If you do switch to layer feed, wait till everybody is actually laying eggs. Switching to layer feed too soon can dramatically slow down development.
There's not really a magic cutoff so I fed chick crumble until about 5 or 6 weeks or so... basically when I ran out, I switched over. I fed grower until they all began laying. Now they get half layer pellets, half grower mash.

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