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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by torsinadoc, Aug 18, 2014.

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    Jun 10, 2014
    My black australorps are around 17 weeks. The past two weeks their combs have gotten red and waddles have formed. how can I tell when they will get close to laying? I had to barricade the nesting boxes several weeks ago to keep them from sleeping in them. I guess I should open those back up. I suspect I should change feed this week
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    Hi! I have black australorps, too. Now that their combs/wattles are getting red they are getting ready. But the best way to tell if they're REALLY close to lay is to see if they do the "submissive squat" . While you're in with them in the run stand quietly and slooowly lower your hand as if you are going to pet their backs. If they squat and spread their wings a bit? They are really really close to lay. Mine do the submissive squat all the time now....I think they just want to get petted...spoiled little brats!! [​IMG]

    I wouldn't reopen those nesting boxes until they are truly close to lay. Besides, it won't hurt a thing if their first egg isn't in the nest box. Heck, my first one I found at the bottom of the little ramp that goes up through their pophole!! [​IMG]
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    Don't worry about the feed thing. The layer feed is going to work on a long term effect. Without layer feed for a LONG period of time, the chickens could become short of calcium, but not in the short run.

    So finish your sack of feed, and buy layer next time. If the girls are not quite laying at that point, the layer feed will not hurt them for a few weeks. They will be laying soon.

    Mrs K

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