When to Euthanize?

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    I have Merek's disease in my flock, and the pullets my broody hatched this summer are the only ones not vaccinated and are therefore showing symptoms. One of them has failed to grow for the past several months and is quite skinny, and the other just started to get wobbly in the legs.

    At what point do you euthanize them? They are voracious eaters still and very friendly unfortunately. This evening I thought I'd got up the courage to do it tonight via carbon monoxide...but after less than 30 seconds I couldn't take it and ripped open the bag I had set the cooler in, got them out and turned off the car. I then proceeded to break down crying for about 10 minutes while cuddling them. Next time I'll have someone else do it for me because every time I have a bird that needs to be euthanized I just can't bring myself to do it.

    Anyway, at what point do you euthanize? What signs do you look for or do you do it at the first symptoms? I need some insight because I can't bear to euthanize these birds who still seem so enthusiastic about life.
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    I'm really sorry to hear about your flock... I have no experience in birds with Merek's disease, but I think when the birds are in obvious pain and are suffering is the best time to euthanize them.

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