when to expect eggs?


Mar 11, 2010
the other day my 5 month old ee started siting down a lot like she was getting ready to build a nest. when i went up to her she doesn't immediately run off like usual. is this nesting a sign of eggs coming and if so how long before she lays?
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Don't know about your breeds, but mine didn't give a fig for the nest boxes until the day before they began to lay.
So, hopefully, same goes for your girls!

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I have 10 chickens (6 araucanas or americanas and 4 gold-laced wyandottes) which are all the same age, new back in May. I've been getting a green egg or two and a brown egg, averaging two eggs a day for the last week.

I feed sprouted grains (oats, barley, sunflower, millet), layer pellets, and quail eggs with shells ground up in them daily.

When can I expect the rest of my flock to step up to the plate? 2 eggs a day out of 10 hens seems pretty weak. Is there something else I should be doing?

It is starting to get cool, but I have them on light for 15 hours a day. They spend a lot of time under the coop, though, could that be decreasing their "daylight" hours enough to hurt production?

I've a few that are 22 weeks now. The Barred Rock and Black Star have been squating for days. Pot Pie (the BR) puts her butt in the air as you pet her in this squat position and wow! You should see the size and redness of her vent.

Checking the bushes three times a day now as the nest boxes are empty excepting the plastic egg. Eggwatch 2010 has begun.
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I have 16 JG, 6 have started to lay so every morning I go out and give a little pep talk to the rest of them. I remind them that they have to start laying eggs soon. "It is the cold and flu season!" (Time for chicken soup)
Squatting is a one of the signs of maturity. Red combs and wattles (REALLY red) is another.. My EE were 30 and 32 weeks old when they started to lay.

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