When to get chicks ?


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I live in southeast Pa. and would like to get chicks at the end of Oct or the begining of Nov.I`m just wondering if its to late in the year to raise chicks. I `ve had chicken years ago and would like to get back in the hobby.


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You can raise chicks at any time of the year but you outside temps are going to be pretty chilly by the time they are ready to go into a coop. They may have to stay in the brooder a little longer or heat the coop. Just avoid the temp change by aclimating them before booting them out to the coop.


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There used to be a section under social called I am from _______ and it was people from different states. If that section is still there, I bet there are people who live near you with chickens that would be able to offer you advice. Or you can just post " I am from PA and your question."

Your chicks would have to be fairly bigger and feathered out.
Your coop will need good ventilation but not be drafty and they cannot get wet or frost.
Your roosts will need to be wider so that when roosting the feathers cover the feet.

Chickens have under feathers that will puff up when the temperature drops trapping air and making the perfect insulation. Wet feathers don't keep them warm and a draft will blow the warm air out of the air pockets and lower their ability to stay warm.

Frost can lead to frost bite - frost happens with humidity builds up due to lack of good ventilation. They can handle cold temps but not frosty conditions.

They can't drink frozen water so that is an issue you will need to address.

Chickens are hard to keep indoors for long but it is not impossible. They even have chicken diapers. If you are able to care for chicks in the fall and you prepare them as they grow to be out of doors and in a good coop and are prepared to care for them in cold weather then the time is perfect for you.

I live in Florida so we have spring like conditions - okay it feels like summer still until late november and then we get about 3-4 days of winter......sort of... So for me- Fall Winter is better than summer for chicks.

Make whatever you do easy for you to do because the easier it is to clean your coop, change the water, feed them the easier it is to care for chickens and the more time you have to relax and really enjoy them.

Hope that helps

A.T. Hagan

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There is also the matter of when the chicks you want will be available. Come mid-to-late fall many breeds and varieties are done for the year so you'll have to wait until the following spring to order them. Look at your chosen hatchery's availability list by date to see how late you'll be able to order for the specific birds you want.

I put in two chick orders a year usually right after the birds I want first become available in the spring then another order just before they stop for the year in the fall.


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My Coop
I live in southeast Pa. and would like to get chicks at the end of Oct or the begining of Nov.I`m just wondering if its to late in the year to raise chicks. I `ve had chicken years ago and would like to get back in the hobby.
I agree with the other posts. If you are going to raise chicks in the fall and winter you will need a place where you can provide some heat for a few weeks while they are loosing their down and getting in their feathers. The days will be shorter and cooler. I have a heated chick coop where as they get older and better feathered I can regulate the heat.


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You can raise them anytime of the year. Personally I prefer getting mine in the early spring so that they can start going outside by mid to late summer. Although if you get yours in the fall it shouldn't be that bad. Since they'll be babies if it gets a slight bit chilly (I live in Canada so I don't know if you get cold weather like mine) just make sure you keep a light on in the chicken coop to help keep it warmer for them. Naturally they should bundle together when they sleep and when they're cold.

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