When to hatch?

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    My Question is when do I hatch so my groups are molting at different times? My older group is turning 1 on March 17th.
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    Here is a handy chart. It should help you figure it out!

    Time-line of a chicken

    Chickens usually molt during month 7 so time it that way.
  3. Cats Critters

    Cats Critters Completely Indecisive

    one other question how long between the start of a molt till when they start laying again?
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    molting usually take 3-4 months
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    Quote:Useful chart. Depending on when they hatch, chickens do not need to moult during their first year.

    If you extend the light in the fall, they will lay right through until the following fall, when they will moult for the first time.

    They suffer no ill effects, and the second year egg laying is not compromised.

    Before anyone comments (as they did last time) that they would hate to be one of my chickens, please remember this .... the first thing chickens will do at any signs of stress, is stop laying [​IMG]

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