When to intergrate?

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Artistic Bird Nut
11 Years
Dec 16, 2011
I have 12 full grown hens (just over a year old) and 6 chicks. I'm not sure when I should have the younger ones join the biggers. They chicks are one month old right now, and outgrowing they're brooder. No, I am NOT thinking of having they join right now. I am going to move them out into the coop in a separate pen, so they can see and not touch. I am trying to decide how big to make their pen in the big coop. How big should they be when they meet the olders face to face?
The closer the two flocks are in size, the better. We integrate at 18 - 19 weeks old, because they're mostly full grown and that's when the chicks are ready to switch from chick starter to layer ration any way.

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