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May 18, 2011
When do people feel that it is a good age to introduce 1, possibly 2 new chickens of a different breed, to the 2 hens we have raised from hatching. Ours are currently almost 4 weeks. We will have to wait for a while as we only want to get hens and need to wait o be sure of gender - but I am wondering whether it would be better to let our two grow up (7 or 8 months or more?) before introducing new, slightly younger hen(s). Also should we get two more, or one? We are not really after the eggs (clearly - with only 4) but the two we have are so attached to each other that if something happened to one, I would worry that the other one would be left on its own - and probably have to move into the house with us!!!
i uasually wait untill i get the first egg from them ten i put them all togeather at night it causes less stress on every one when u put theem togeather at night
Putting them together at night is a good idea.

I don't wait till the younger ones are laying, just close to the same size as the adults.
I currently have 3- 2 month olds, going to introduce at the end of June, so about 3 months old.

I have 11 twelve week olds and I tried to introduce them today to my adult hens and it did not go well, so they are back seperated for a couple more weeks. They have been living where they can see each other through a fence for a couple months but it still was very ugly today.

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