When to let chicks in with existing flock?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Mom24moores, Sep 30, 2016.

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    I was wondering when is was safe to let my new chickens out in the run with the older ones. The "older" ones are 6+ month silkies - 1 roo and 4 laying hens. The new ones are almost 3 months old. 4 cochin bantams (one is a roo), a polish, and a fayoumi. They have been around each other quite often. We let the little ones out in one of those dog play pens. So they are usually separated by the wire. The problem is that these little ones love to fly! They keep escaping! so we pile all this stuff on top to keep them from flying out. I would love to just let them in the run with the others. We've done some trials and they seem to all get along, but everyone says to wait till they are the same size. That could be a few more months! I was thinking of adding some higher perches in the run that they could escape to if needed - the silkies don't seem to fly around much. Thoughts?? We would still bring them in at night.

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    You've done some excellent prep for the integration of your new chickens by letting them live side-by-side with the older ones. So now is the time to let them mingle and start becoming a real flock.

    If there is going to be conflict, you will see it in the first few minutes. A little pecking is to be expected, but I doubt you'll see anything serious.

    Many of us defy the "rules" and integrate chicks at just a few weeks, so your gang is more than ready, in my opinion.
  3. You wont know till you try?
    Not sure if you free range at all? I have had great success introducing newbies to the flock while free ranging....The older birds are too busy to really notice the new flock additions. The new birds stay close to the coop door as the seasoned birds get busy foraging...Not to many fights happen...I sit and watch how the pecking order plays out....So far, so good....!

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    Agreed - the idea of perches is good, and ensuring that you have a couple of feed stations to ameliorate food-based dominance / aggression and I'd say that you are good to go!

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