When to let ducks free range with chickens


13 Years
Feb 5, 2009
Hello! I have 10 young (4 month old) chickens that free range in my fenced yard and sleep in their coop at night. My 3 Pekin ducklings are 5 weeks old and have their own area enclosed on 3 sides (but with chicken wire fencing on the 4th side also in the fenced yard) which houses their pool and feed and water, etc. The chickens are very curious about the ducks and vice-versa. When can I start leaving the chicken wire fence gate open for co-mingling? I should mention that I have an old sweet Lab who leaves the chickens alone (after he was scolded for chasing them - he'd never been in trouble with mommie before and it scarred him!) who is also curious about the ducks (LL Bean catalog cover comes to mind). Thanks everyone!

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