when to move. a few concerns


13 Years
Nov 4, 2010
my farm South Alabama
One of my big black hens has gone broody. I moved the rooster in the pen, and started letting the eggs accumulate. It took 3-4 days to get 12. I took eggs from the other hens during the 3-4 days. Now I'm thinking the hatching out process will be over 3-4 days. Will she abandon the eggs not yet hatched when the 1st group hatches? Should I move them to the incubator should this occur? Also, the laying boxes are about 4 ft. up. I'm concerned about the chicks falling and hurting themselves. When should I move them to a private aria? I would like to let her raise them, but it is turning cold here now. I have 8 hens, one rooster, and a goose (she thinks shes a chicken) in the pen aria now. THANKS
If you move the hen there is the risk that she may stop being broody. So if it were me, I'd move her immediately so as to make sure that this happens before the chicks develop if it's going to happen.

I'd put her in a hutch or whatever facility you have, and with her own little pen made of something temporary so she can stretch her legs once a day when she feels like it. Put some food and water within reach of her beak while she is still on the eggs, because this is how she will teach her little ones how to eat and drink while she remains on the other eggs.

She may or may not continue to set on the remaining eggs. Personally I feel that mother hens know when the chick is not right somehow and I would let nature take its course. They will be plenty warm under her if you give her a nice comfy spot out of the wind/elements to set.

If you want to leave her be until they start hatching you run the risk of a chick falling...haven't tried to leave them in a high nestbox so cannot advise.

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