when to move them?


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Apr 26, 2015
right now our chicks are like 4-5 weeks old... right now we have them in a pack-n-play on our lenai.

when do you think is the best time to move them into their own house? we still have a light on them at night (been getting a bit colder (50-60 degrees) but they are without it during the day (about 85-95 degrees).

we had built a house for our duck and she refuses to go in it... that's frustrating. is it stupid of me to think it is because we kept the duck in its "inside house" too long and that is why she won't use it?

i guess this is a 2 part question LOL
You could move them outside but they might need a heat lamp still. Is there any other birds all ready out there? If so don't put them together till the chicks are 2 months old or feathered,
No other chickens.... just our duck.. who at this point is not nice at all to the little chicks. Yesterday, during the day when the duck was out and about in our yard, I put the little chicks in to roam around in the ducks big caged outdoor area. They had a great time.

Ok, we will get to work on our hen house and caging area so hopefully they can move outside soon.

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