When to move to the brooder - Desert Heat!


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Apr 3, 2016
Mesa, AZ
New single chicken mama here, I have a question: everything I have read about brooding baby chicks says that I need to have to have very warm temperatures until it's warm enough in the coop, and then they'll be safe to move out.


I live in the Phoenix AZ area and of course it's July, so lately it's been regularly in the mid-high 110's during the day and no cooler than high 80's at night. I've had a hard time finding information regarding when it is too HOT for baby chicks to be in the coop: do they not regulate their body temperature as well as adults, or would they be fine in the coop because they need warmer temperatures? The coop is pretty well ventilated and covered but I know *I* wouldn't want to be in there during the day. Anybody have a recommendation of when to move them out (they're currently in my spare bedroom)? It's not going to get legitimately cool here until late October, so keeping them inside until then is pretty much out of the question.

(BTW, A hello to you all! I have been visiting this site, browsing your forums on and off for eight years ever since my freshman year of college when I decided I was going to have chickens "when I grew up". I used to daydream about the day when I'd finally need to post in this forum and that day is finally here!)
Hi and welcome to BYC and congrats on your first post after 8 years of lurking :)

I'll let the experts provide advice, but there's no reason not to type something like " keeping chicks cool in summer" and seeing what pops up.

Good luck
I have raised many chicks in South Africa in temperatures like that and higher. We averaged daytime summer highs of 120+ mid-summer! If they can go outside in the run, have shade and plenty water to drink, they should do fine. The important thing is water and lots of it.

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