when to open up the nest box?


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11 Years
Apr 27, 2008
My pullets are coming up on 18 weeks, I was wondering should I open the nest box before they lay, or after they lay? Any advice would be great!!
what do you mean by open? you mean giving them access? if thats the case...I would wait until you see an egg appear-then put the box in with some golf balls in it or fake eggs-seems to work when my friend does it-mine were in their nesting boxes for a good month or two before they layed eggs in it-they never messed in it-they used the other side of the coop for that or their food bowl!!!!
Thanks to the advice I received on this site, I pulled the nest boxes out of my coop. My hens were roosting in one of the boxes. If and when I see any significant behavior, or an actual egg in the coop, I'll put them back in....with some golf balls!

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