when to process red broilers

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    Aug 10, 2010

    My red broilers (this is my first broiler experience) will be 12 weeks old on Oct 19. I have a straight run and live in the city - when will the roosters start crowing? It would be best to process before the roosters crow. I have only kept layers and so I have zero rooster experience. :)

  2. How heavy are they? How big do you want them to be?
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    I understand about the "when they crow, they gotta go" motivation. Last spring our red broilers (FRs) started to crow at about 11 weeks, just a faint attempt that wasn't too loud, so we butchered them the weekend before they were 12 weeks old. We had lots of 5 and 6 lb dressed birds to send to freezer camp. Should be bearable weather for outside work in Austin by then!

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    As my brother said, "They grow up so fast, next thing you know its time to send them off to camp!"
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    I guess I want them as big as possible with no crowing! [​IMG]

    I considered sending the roosters to camp before the hens but I have to drive 45 minutes to get to the processing place so that isnt very efficient. I only have 8 broilers.

    I have no idea how much they weigh right now, I dont have a scale yet. I am eager to grow them up and get them out so I can get a small flock of cornish cross going.

    In the last few days it cooled down and they are picking up the pace with their eating. They are about the size of a 10-12 week layer I would guesstimate.

    These red broilers (from Ideal) are friendly little chickens. I can't wait to taste them!
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    This is a question I had as well as I am looking at getting some if it would be worth the time ?? Who has grown some for info ??
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    We have about 50 FR and around day 55 one or more of them began making crowing attempts, sounding something like a broken horn. It was a loud and startling sound. Stuart
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    My FR's were 13 weeks before we sent them to freezer camp. No issues with crowing.

    We waited that long becasue of weight. Anything past this date and they start to get tought......I know from expierence.

    I would get them in ASAP!

    We have raised both kinds for meat the FR's and the Cornish. The Cornish by far get to weight faster but are dirty smelly birds that we have had issues with loosing several in the 9 weeks. So as far as efficentcy goes the X's would be better.

    The taste goes to the FR's. They are a darker meat and a heartery bird to raise. We free range all the chickens and these guys do great. The X's are ok but tend to get leg problems.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.[​IMG]

    The FR's are a better looking bird and we kept one of the hens to breed back to my JG roo. She is not laying eggs yet ....so i am afraid she might have to add to the storage room meat supply.[​IMG]
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  8. I'm getting 6 red broilers and 10 Cornish X from Ideal in a week. My plan is to butcher the Xs at 8 weeks or so and the reds at 12 weeks. I've never had the reds before, excited to try them.
    I'm sorry, when I first read your post, I thought you were closer to processing time. I should have read more closely. I guess I would plan on processing them around twelve weeks or when they weigh around seven pounds live weight.

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