When to put extra eggs under a broody hen

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    When is the best time to put some extra eggs. This is my first time putting extra eggs in so I really dont know

    Should I wait a few days after the hen as gone broody? or anything else that I should to prior to putting these eggs under her.

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    Quote:Christie, let her go broody on 2-3 eggs, then after she has been solid on the nest for 2-3 days, go to her at night and take those eggs out and replace them with however many fresh eggs you thing she can easily cover. Don`t get greedy. Make sure she can easily cover them with a little room to spare. If you put too many under her, you will have a poor hatch. Again, do it in the dark so you don`t stress her. Then leave her alone, except for food and water, for 21 days. Don`t get in a big hurry to see the chicks, she will take them off the nest after all are dry and comfy, about 2 days after they hatch. Then you can count them and handle them. Good luck......Pop
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    Great advise. Make certain she stays in the nest solid for 3 days or even 4.

    I had a broody that would go to a different nest almost everyday so I couldn't count on her to incubate, but after they hatched in the incubator I put the chicks under her and she took to them right away... a great mama, not a good incubator.
  4. Christie Loves Silkies

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    Thank you for the great advice [​IMG]
    Ive taken her older eggs out of her nest last week that she layed.
    I am only going to put 2-3 extra eggs under her. as one of my newer silkies had started to lay.

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