When to put my chicks outside


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8 Years
Apr 23, 2011
Orange County, CA
I got my chicks May 27th and they were about a week old. now they're a little over a month old, and seem to be outgrowing their coop. when do i put them in the outside coop i have for them? here are their pictures taken today to get an idea of how big they are:
They should be fine. Unless it gets below 50 I always put em out at 1 month old. I like to limit their time under the light, it seems to stress them somewhat. I feel they stay awake too much, consume too much, get pasty butt and seem to be very nervous, if left under a light for too long. Kinda like a weekend in Vegas with no rest and over indulgence. Lol. The quicker you get them on a natural schedule the better.

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