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    So, we got our 2 mallards on 31March, so they are roughly 4 weeks old now. They are starting to gettheir feathers in really nicely. Their tummies are complete up to about their necks, part of their backs and sides, and it seems thir wing feathers. We got 2 pekin on 04April (if I remember right) and they are also starting toturn white ad are now bigger than the mallards. My question is... once we get our enclosure done (aroun the 1st) how soon can they go out there for good? I REALLY want my master bath tub back! Lol We're planning on putting a coop in there because e are going to get chickens.(probably an 8x4 raised coop) it will be enclose on the sides and top.

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    I have four Pekin ducks at 5 weeks (or just under) and I put mine out now all day. This morning it was 30 degrees and frost on the ground and they didn't seem to care a bit! They all wanted in the water. When I pick them up they feel very warm to me. It was sunny too so that helps. Good luck! I'm new to this so reading about ducks here has helped A LOT! I also have mine in a fenced area so the chickens can't get to them yet. At night I put them in their small coop (no heat lamp) and it gets down pretty cold here. Also tried doing the no feed/little water (in a dog bowl) to try to keep the coop cleaner over night (no more then 8 hrs)...it worked :D

    Here is a picture of them this morning:

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