When to put them outside.


10 Years
Jul 16, 2009
New Mexico
My ducklings are to be hatched and shipped on Monday! It's already getting cold here so I was wondering when it would be safe to put them outdoors. At what age are they hardy and feathered enough to survive 12 degree nights and snow?
ducks are a little hardier than chickens, but if you read the chick care page here on byc you will have the info you need.
there is a TON of info in the Learning center if you search for it.

click on The Learning Center

and then the Raising Chickens 101 option

then scroll down the page and you will see the temps that chicks need to survive. ducks are a little less.

when they are fully feathered, boot 'em out!
Sorry I cant help you about ducks , but chx if they are cold are
cuddlers at least mine are,I also have a red 250 watt heat blub hangin in their coop.. I would wait untill about 4 months for that kind of cold, hope this helps. some one here on BYc
has more information.Im sure good luck

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