When to put up coop?


10 Years
Feb 4, 2009
Greenfield, MA
So far I have built the floor and framed all the walls in my basement so that I can just take the pieces outside and finish the construction there. We are in for a nice bit of weather for the next few days and I would like to put up the coop but hubby says no, to wait because once things really defrost everything will shift. Thoughts?
I didnt think it mattered and I though several other BYC'ers have built there coops right from the start outside when its still/starting to get cold...
he's right if your ground is frozen. if you're setting it on the ground with no foundaition it's going to settle anyway unless you compact the soil first. if you dig below the frost line and set blocks or posts for support you could do it now.
depends on your design.
Yeah, if this will be floating on blocks or whatever (as I assume it will) then I'd be with your husband, wait til the ground settles itself down and thaws pretty thoroughly. No point in putting those sorts of stresses on a just-built coop. Unless of course there is some REASON you need the coop built fast, like the chicks are 6 wks old and the basement's gettin' real dusty, or you will not have time to finish the coop later in the season... in which case you could probably more or less get away with doing it if it'll be a well-built coop.

Good luck,

Thanks flopshot and Pat!
I am not in a rush, eggs are in the incubator now. I just wanted to see it up and out there in the yard and to paint it and stuff. I am building it myself with help from DH if I need it and I am pretty proud and happy with the way it is coming out. I'm taking pictures along the way to make a coop page... anyway, thanks for your thoughts, I will restrain myself and wait.
you have a lo..............ng time before you need to put the coop up. but personaly i would at least wait till they hatch
good luck with your chicks

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