When to put up nest boxes


9 Years
Apr 20, 2010
Larkspur, CO
My girls are now about 11 weeks old, but I haven't put up their nest boxes. Is there a problem putting them up at this point, or should I wait until closer to nesting age? Right now, they are still sleeping on the floor of the hen house and are ignoring the roost. I don't want them to start sleeping in the nest boxes if I put them up too early.
I've read that you shouldn't really put them in until 3-4 months /egg laying age so that they don't get used to sleeping in them and ruining them before they can cradle the fruit of all your (or is it their?!) labors!

I have a problem that my roosts are too high, 18" - 24" is good for the lowest one and they need to have a way to jump up higher than that if your roosts are higher. Also may need a ladder for them to get up there to explore. I put one of my 7 week olds up on a 40" roost and she stayed there looking a little bit freaked out until I took her down. Too soon! lol

Have fun!

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