When to remove chicks after hatch?


6 Years
Nov 12, 2017
Western Ohio
24 eggs in lockdown.

9-10 hatched. 1st hatched last night, the rest are hatching today. Currently have 9-10dry or nearly so. Have about 5 more in pip and zip stages. Can’t see status of the other eggs due to chick activity in the incubator. This incubator holds 42 eggs, so they are not completely crammed, but it’s pretty full in there with chicks, eggs, and random half egg shells everywhere!

current incubator humidity is 72%, and temp in the 99.5F range (it fluctuates a small amount).

my brooder and heat plate are ready. As is water and food.

So when to remove? Should I wait until I don’t see more zipped? And the rest are dry? Or wait until tonight and remove the driest ones?
When the hatched chicks start playing football with the eggs I take them out provided they're fairly dry. Once I stuff them under a heat plate they calm down pretty quick and take a nap.

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