When to start worrying about Splayed Legs?


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Mar 25, 2015
(Sorry scared new Mama here....lol...) My very first chick just hatched at just before 11pm EST last night so it is almost 12 hours old now. It really isnt trying to walk much yet. Its flopping all over the place and moving but not really standing yet. I was under the impression that chicks will be able to walk fairly soon after hatching. His/her legs do seem to be going to the outside a bit but not a lot. I dont know if its a normal thing and he/she just needs a little more time or if I should start looking into how to help him/her if they do have Splayed Legs? Here are some pictures of our sweet little one.

Just seconds old...

This morning.

Trying to stand...

Here is a quick video of him/her trying to walk. Its a lot easier for you to see them me trying to explain it! lol

odd possibly a case of splayed legs so worth treating anyway although its not to severe. here's a few cures I found and came up with
1) if you know of loom bands the recent craze then you can try to use one of these if not just a really small elastic band. so you get the band and put it round the chicks legs then wrap a piece of medical tape or masking tape round the middle so it doesn't slip off don't make it to tight or it will rub and/or cut the circulation the chick should be able to run after a day and remove after two days.
2)http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/2012/02/spraddle-leg-in-baby-chicks-what-is-it.html this is a link using vet wrap
Here is a new video of our little one finally walking! It took about 30-36 hours in the wraps to get him/her to start walking right! He/she has also stated to eat and drink on its own. Till now I had been sticking its little beak in the water at least one an hour to make sure it didnt get dehydrated.


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