When to stop the heat?

I don’t see in what climate (country or state) you are in so it can be hard to say exactly. I might take it a bit slower with only 2 chicks since one real source of heat if they get chilled is body heat from other chicks.
Also, what is the temp in your brooder room?
If you have your brooder set up so they can get away from the heat source and they have quit using it, that can be a good sign.
But if you are in a climate where you are still having periodic cold spells and you find the brooder room a tad chilly from time to time I’d at least keep a good eye on the weather reports and provide supplemental heat during those times .
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You need to gradually raise the heat lamp or lower the wattage of the bulb until they are close to room/outside temperature. They need to be reasonably well feathered too, (though our hens had had enough of their chicks by 5 weeks old)!

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