When to switch away from layer pellets


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May 13, 2018
If your ducks stop laying in the winter, if and when do you stop giving layer pellets or crumble? Do you wait a certain amount of time after seeing the last egg? If they slow down before stopping, how do you know when to switch? And do you just switch over to an all-flock or duck maintenance diet? When switching diets, do you do it gradually as you would with a dog or cat, or is suddenly ok? I think I’m good with my supplements/treats, but I don’t know what to do about Daphne’s base diet. Note- she had a rough transition as the weather changed, so I don’t know if she should continue on with her current diet for a bit to not “rock the boat” as she recovers.

P.S. Not to jinx it, but Daphne has been doing very well over the past few days. Due to my husband being away and long work hours for me, the ducks only had limited time out and about today (there’s been a fox seen a couple of times very recently, so the ducks are under especially close supervision). Daphne got her pent-up energy out by chasing the Goons, but then got annoyed at bedtime and spilled her drinking water everywhere over all of her freshly cleaned and fluffed stall.:barnie:he:idunno
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