When to switch from chick starter to layer feed?


7 Years
Apr 7, 2015
When should I switch my chicks over to layer feed?
8 weeks or so?
Just double checking to make sure I have enough of the proper type of feed.
Thanks BYC friends!
It doesn't matter how old they are it is when they look like they are ready I switch mine about when 17 weeks but that's the case when you see your chicks bigger and eating a lot it's time to switch
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Layer feed is for hens that are laying eggs. It has higher amounts of calcium that can be harmful to non-producing birds. Keep your birds on starter or change to a grower feed. Layer shouldn't start til a minimum of 16 weeks and personally I think that's a bit young.
I always have oyster shell and grit available and feed Purina Flock Raiser to them until they are around ten months old, then switch them to layer feed, that way almost the hens are laying by then and can handle the calcium. Also, since I feed it to them for ten months, they can eat the food with high protein when they molt.

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