When to switch from Starter feed to other feed?

green chicky

7 Years
May 5, 2012
My chicks are eating so much starter feed and most of it ends up in the ground and that they will not touch! So I need to figure out a new feeder. But I was mainly wondering when you stop feeding them Starter feed? And do you go straight to what kind of feed?

When they reach about 6 months start switching gradually to big chicken feed.

Are you using organic chick feed? I noticed my chickens dis-liked it.
They'll go to grower next. Different feeds have different instructions for use. Should be on back of bag. Generally they stay on starter for 10 weeks, then to grower to 18 to 20 weeks, then to layer.
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Mine in the coop are eating whatever mama eats.. they loved the hen scratch more than the chick feed... and they are loving the bugs.. they are only a day old..
I think that starter is OK until they start laying then they will need calcium. Starter comes in ground (fine) and crumbled (bigger bits) mine didn't care for the ground feed at all.

Yes they can, and if free ranging will, eat pretty much anything but starter feed as their main source of nutrition will provide them with a better start for laying.

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