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    ok ive got 15% player pellets for the big birds, then i have 15 % layer crumbles, and medicatd crumbles. i have 7 full grown on the layer pellets but thats not what im worried about. my question is when can i switch my 6-7 week olds off of the medicated started and onto the 15% layer crumbles... or can i even do that, should i get a bag of non medicated starter grower crumbles? and how long should i keep my littlest ones on the medicated, can i just wait until the bag runs out and go to the layer crumbles, or put them on starter grower.... i guess i just really need to know the earliest they can go on layer feed?
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    These are good resources on how to feed chickens.

    Oregon State - Feeding Chickens

    Alabama - Feeding Chickens

    The normally recommended progression if you are trying to raise a laying flock is Starter for about 6 weeks, then switch to Grower. At 20 weeks or when you get your first egg, switch to Layer. Or you can feed Starter/Grower for 20 weeks or until you get your first egg, them switch to Layer. You should not feed Layer any earlier because the extra calcium can cause kidney problems in young growing chicks.
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    The layer has too much calcium for the younger birds. I have my whole flock on flockraiser and/or gamebird and put oyster shell out free choice so the laying hens can meet their calcium needs.

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