When to take chicks out of the incubator?

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    Oct 10, 2012
    I have 34 coturnix eggs in the bator, 25 which are developing. I've left the other 9 in to see if they'll develop or not (I did the float test).
    I'm still technically a kid in a way, so brand new to the whole concept of incubation, and so are my parents. (First time raising quail, never incubated before - only raised chicks under broody chicken hens)

    Tomorrow's hatch day! Hence why I'm asking now.

    We got the fertile eggs from our trio of quail (we bought them, didn't hatch)..
    Both hens supplying fertile eggs.

    When (if) the eggs hatch, I know you have to wait 24 hours, and they said never to open the incubator during this process. But this is just backup information in case this happens and I want to know for future reference, but, what if some chicks hatch, it's been 12/24 hours, yet some other chicks are still in the process of hatching? Would I be able to open the incubator to collect the chicks that have already dried their feathers or just leave them to let the other eggs hatch?

    Thanks guys!
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    Quickly pull them out when they are dry and move them to the brooder. The float test isn't fool proof, but candling can give you better information on what is going inside the eggs while they develop.
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    Mar 20, 2012
    I agree with Marinecorp, wait till they are fluffy then quickly reach in and take them out, letting as little heat and humidity out as possible. And remember, when chicks hatch the humidity levels raises very very fast, mine went from 50 to 70 percent when one started to zip. So open a vent for this!

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