When to take ROOS out???

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  1. HaleMoa

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    at what age should we take the roos out???

    we have 17 chicklets in a 175 sq. ft run/coop. three are definitely roos, one other very likely suspect, and MAYbe another one, not sure yet. once they all come of age, we're culling a few hens and any extra roos, trying to keep one roo and 2 hens of each kind for breeding them, but housing the boys separate from the girls. but they're just about 6 weeks old now, and still loving each other.

    just wondering when did most of you guys have to remove your ROOS before they started getting all up in your pullets' business?
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  2. vickig

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    May 26, 2008
    I have 4 roos, 2-3month old and 2-2 month old. I pulled them out last week.

    They are doing fine.
  3. I don't worry so much about the pullets business as I do the other cockerals. Once they start getting into their "tweens" they start sparring each other.

    I've got three Silkie Cockerals all in the same pen. They are all about 6 months old now and only one has started the harmonal roller coaster ride. One minute he'll be fine with the other birds, and the next you'd think he was trying to murder them. Needless to say he's been moved out.

    I keep them together as long as I can to conserve on space. The more roos, the more places you have to have to keep them separated. I leave them all togther until I start noticing that there are more quarrels than I am comfortable with, and then I take the oldest out.
  4. bangor777

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    May 4, 2008
    I had about four roos growing up within my new flock. I finally rehomed three of them a few weeks ago. The flock was all about four months old and I had no problem with fighting. There was some good natured chest butting at times, but the roos had worked out a pecking order and all was calm. The only downside is that for whatever reason, one of the roos had three females that he was with all the time. once I gave him away, those three hens have been a bit lost. They never leave the pen to free range, stay close to home, and even after three weeks seem somewhat lost as to 'what to do with themselves'.
    I have four more roos from a hatch I had in August. I'm hoping these four continue to get along until spring when I will try to rehome them as well.
  5. gritsar

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    I got rid of my extra roos as soon as I knew they were definitely roos. Can't remember now, but I think they were between 6 and 7 weeks old. Didn't want to get too attached to them.
    My other two roos are still with the girls and will always be. They are such nice gentleman that protect and feed their girls.
  6. HaleMoa

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    cool. thanks for all of the advice here. right now they seem to be fine and enjoying each other, so i think they'll be good for a little while more. i guess i'll just be keeping an eye out for some aggressive behavior, but until then they're all good.
  7. redoak

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    Feb 27, 2008
    Russia, NY
    At about 16 weeks old I removed my roosters from the hens coop and run. They weren't fighting but they were very "into" the hens and rough. Of course at this age the hens were just scared and would fly up on their outdoor roosts and stay there or cower in a corner.

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