When to wrap injured wing and when to let it heal on its own?

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    My favorite duck, who's always been a little delicate, has injured her wing, I think from climbing through a bush to get to our lawn. I've examined it and it doesn't seem broken, but she's letting it drag a little and today the tips of the feathers are touching the ground. She is still eating and drinking normally but her wing seems to bother her a little. I'll put some vitamins in her water but don't know what I should do for the wing.

    Will it heal by itself?

    Or should I put vet tape around it and tape it up? (I've never done this and imagine she won't like it.)

    Do I take her to a vet?

    How long does something like this tend to take? Are there other implications involved (i.e. if she can't flap her wings, etc.)

    I searched the answers but didn't find an answer of whether to let it heal on its own or intercede with vet tape right away.

    Thank you!
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