When will I get eggs? Bob White

bald Rooster

Oct 18, 2016
Orlando area
My Bobwhites Will be 8 months old in a few days.
I do believe I ended up with 7 hens and 7 roosters.
All are in the same large chicken run. I also have a Tom turkey and his girlfriend in this coop.
They all seem to get along just fine.I constantly look for eggs and any sign of breeding or laying a egg. NOTHING yet.
So now Im wondering if there to young. Or is 7 Roosters some how a problem. I have not seen any kind of fighting,or hostility .
Depending on location most will start to lay in April.

They are seasonal layers. They need about 14 hours of light to get laying in gear.

Mine are over 1 year old. Hatched last Jan. They started laying in July.

A buddy has some out of my last hatch (aug). His have supplemental light. They have been laying for about a month.

I' hoping mine start in april

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