When will I see my first eggs


9 Years
Jun 23, 2010
Ocoee Florida
I have a Chinese goose and a Toulouse goose, both hatched the last week of April of this year. When do you think I will see my first egg?

Geese in my experience are pretty much seasonal layers. I doubt that they will lay before next spring.
Well I just caught the Chinese goose breeding my Cayuga duck so I guess getting eggs from him will be pretty difficult!
My goose is from April, too. She started laying in October, when she was little more than 6 months old.

Both my pet geese started nest building behavior around a month before their first egg was laid. They'd pick up sticks, hay, leaves, even carpet fluff and carefully put it down to either side, all the while making throaty sighs and saying "Kaaam-chat!" Sounds like they're trying to say "Kamchatka", but I'm not sure. Geography is probably not their strong side.

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