WHEN will my Australorp hen lay?


8 Years
Jun 11, 2011

I am sooo impatient, I know. But I'm so excited! She is 23 weeks. Does she look anywhere close? Can you tell?
Thanks for any input. :)
All my Aussie girls did not lay until they were exactly 6 months old. It was the LOOONNNGGGEEEESSSTTTT wait I had ever gone thru! But it was worth it!! My aussie girls are laying well right thru winter, nearly every day. You will not be disappointed!
My Aussies have been horribly slow at laying! They are spoiled to death, free ranged all summer and fall and only recently have been staying in the coop because of a snow storm and 10 inches on the ground! I have 6 ( 9 month old) and only 4 of them are laying right now. The biggest one barely has any comb or waddle still so I do not know what her problem is and I'm sure that that it was 7 months before I got any eggs at all! My DH finally put a light in the coop on a timer that starts at 4 a.m. and goes off at 6 p.m. and seems to be helping to keep them laying this winter. I understand your frustration!!!! Nothing is worse than waiting for that first egg!!!
One of my lords laird at 5 months, one at 6 months, and one at 7 months. And I get one egg out of 5 birds. The other two are buff orps . Looking to get some sex links now so I can actually get better egg production lol
Charlotte, my BA, is 17 weeks old, and I am already impatiently waiting! We had a California White (white leghorn crossbreed) thinking that she would start laying earlier... but she turned out to be a boy! Now our money is on Charlotte!

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