When will my hen start to lay eggs?

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    Jun 28, 2015
    I have a silver duckwing old english hen that my cousin gave me a couple days ago he doesnt know how old she is because someone gave it to him but she looks to be 6 to 7 months when will she be ready to lay eggs and when should i provide her a nest and how can i work on taming her because she squaks and flaps wen i try to grab her
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    If she is indeed that age she should be ready to lay. However, the stress of being re-homed is likely to delay the process. My first 3 chickens were already laying, but it took them three weeks before they laid. If the hen squats in front of you (maybe not so likely as it is a little scared of you at the moment) then it indicates that she is sexually mature and almost ready to lay.

    I would suggest that you install a nest box ASAP as she needs to know that she has a safe place to lay (although she may lay anywhere at first).

    Re: taming, i would suggest giving her treats from your hand and talking quietly and gently to her. Just being around her and simply doing nothing will encourage her to see you as a non-threat. Grabbing a chicken will create panic, so you may want to build up some trust before you try and pick her up. Bear in mind that some chickens simply do not like being petted or picked up - some of my flock run away from me - others jump on my knee. Chickens, like humans are all different!

    Good luck
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