When will she quit the nest


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Oct 25, 2016
I have a muscovy duck called Daisy who's just over a year old.

6 weeks ago she made a nest and started sitting on her eggs.

It was her first time and we weren't sure if she had mated, so we just let her carry on and hoped that if nothing comes of the eggs, then she would just give up (like our chickens do).

So 6 weeks later we are starting to wonder when she will give up or if we have handled this wrong.

The eggs are probably unfertilized after this long yeah?

Will she leave the nest or do we have to take her off?
Winters coming and the nest is not secure for predators.
Sounds like these eggs aren't fertile, or just duds. You should take the eggs and toss them, then you can destroy her nest. This should break her, but if not you may need to block of the area she's nesting in until she gives up.

Good luck! Some girls can be quite stubborn and determined to hatch some babies!
Sounds just like my Muscovy females. I have one right now brooding on no eggs. Yes candle and handle gently because they maybe rotten and you do not want exploding rotten eggs all over you. Then get rid of the nest even place something over it so she can’t get back on it. Thankfully my female is inside an only on shavings she’ll get over it on her own.
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