When will their eggs get larger?

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    So we hatched some purebred Ameracauna eggs last fall and I ended up keeping 6 beautiful pullets - 3 splash & 3 blue. Four of them have been laying for a little over a week now & the eggs have all been not much bigger than the the eggs our Seramas lay.

    I expected the first eggs to be little but with our other birds (aside from the weirdo Seramas - their eggs have always been the same size) the first egg was little with subsequent eggs weighing out medium for a month or so and then the eggs have ended up just getting larger & larger to a consistent weigh out of large/xl with a few birds producing some very large jumbos on occasion.

    What should I be expecting from this breed? All of the hatching eggs from the breeder were large/xl - just curious to know what folks have experienced with this breed.

    TIA! :)

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