When will these eggs get really good?


9 Years
Jun 10, 2010
Most of my layers are ex-battery. When we got them, their eggs were soft shelled or really fragile and had the palest yolks I had ever seen. It was almost like they weren't given any decent food prior to the bi-annual cull this guy has scheduled.

Now the eggs are slightly better, after almost a month of free ranging and calcium supplement. They get 16% layer crumbles plus all the table scraps we produce.

When will the eggs taste like real country eggs? Anyone have experience with rescued battery hens?
I have 5 ex battery girls, and I don't recall their eggs ever being in bad shape like that. But sounds like your on the right track, as they get use to being free range they will eat more grass, bugs etc and their eggs will taste better. I know it took my girls a little while to learn what chickens do, like scratching for food, dust bathing etc. Good for you for saving them.
Yeah, I was pretty surprised at the condition of their eggs myself. It was odd, considering he did get to SELL their eggs right up until the moment I took them. It was NOT a happy place. Ick. Anyway, it just makes me glad we decided to raise our own.

Mine have learned to roost! Yay! They look adorable on the roosts all snuggled up together. They are also falling on the table scraps like a pack of wild dogs. At first they wouldn't touch them.
You could try supplementing with additional greens if they'll take it. I like sprouting my scratch grains, or I'll by a 4" pot of organic wheat grass and tear it off in 1" pieces and toss it in the run. Mine don't get to free range so I give them lots of greens when I can.
Well, they say eggs can be fertile for up to a month, so I'd figure it would take about a month to see any change in the eggs- since the eggs are already forming inside, well before they are actually laid. I'd think it would take another month or 2 for them to be "real country eggs".



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