When you decide yo9u want to hatch some chicks, do you need to seperate them


7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
we are starting with some RIRs, we decided that at some point, probably spring, maybe sooner, we are going to hatch some of our own chicks that way we can increase our flock with what we want. do I need to seperate the mommy hen from the other hens? once the chicks hatch, do tey need to be removed from the coop and run and have their own?
This is what I do....

If I have a broody hen, I don't like to totally separate her from the flock. If you do decide to separate her from the flock, totally separate her, then when you reintroduce her to the flock there tends to be this big hellabaloo while she re-establishes her place in the flock.

So... This is how I do it...
I section off a corner of the run for the broody and her chicks. I use chicken wire and A t-post to make a temp section for the broody. It needs to be big enough for a med size dog carrier. This will be the nest for her and the babies. It will keep them dry if it rains. Then add some food and water just outside of the door of the dog carrier.

In doing this, the mommy is always seeing the flock and they are seeing her. When it comes time for her to return to the flock, it just seems to go easier. The mommy and babies come to the flock as a group, if the mommy is a good mommy.
Thank you. i was considering making a removable barrier to go under the coop so they would still be right there and then i could make another barrier that had bars to give the smaller chicks a getaway if feeling bullied by largerr birds as they grow. kinda a dual purpose area. it all depends on time of year we hatch. if we do it this winter i probably will be bringing eggs inside, but i am looking more towards spring and letting nature (mommy) take the responsibility. not sure yet...the babies are soo cute, wouldnt mind having them now :)
I agree on completely removing from the flock. I did that once and my poor hen had a heck of a time reintegrating. (babies did fine, just not momma hen) I don't move the hen before giving her eggs either, because sometimes they freak out and try to get back to her chosen nest.

I have a blocked off broody area in my coop. I let the hen sit wherever she chooses - I mark the eggs so I know which ones are for hatching and remove unmarked eggs daily. Then when the babies hatch, I move the momma hen and the babies to my broody area. This gives the babies time to get on their feet well and lets the flock get used to them. After about a week, I open the door and let the mom and babies out with the flock. It has worked well for me this way and I haven't had any issues.

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