When you hatch eggs for other people... *ADVICE NEEDED*

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Mar 29, 2011
I am interested in hatching eggs for other people. The only way that this would work is if I had the people sign a paper stating I am not responsible for hatch rate ect. But what happens if they leave the chicks? Should they sign a paper about that too?
What should the papers say?
Thanks in advance.

I didn't want to hijack this thread which is why I started a new one.
I would definitely write up a contract and make everybody sign it before you incubate their eggs. It'll reduce your liability, and it'll make sure that everyone understands and has the same expectations.

Say something about how you're not responsible for hatch rates. Maybe have something in place if there's a failure on your side (i.e. your incubator breaks, your kids/dog/llama tips over the bator) what recourse they have.

I would also have a time frame for them to pick up their chicks- maybe 24-48 hours, and any chicks left after that time frame without prior agreement in writing will become your property to do with as you please.
(i.e. your incubator breaks, your kids/dog/llama tips over the bator) what recourse they have.

I'd want half down, and it would be non-refundable. Put something in the contract that gives them a deadline for picking up the chicks.

It can either be something like, any chicks left more than 48 hours after hatching are considered abandoned and become the property of the incubator owner. Or something like there will be a charge of 25 cents per chick per day for any day after 48 hours to pay for feed and care and any chicks left longer than 7 days (or 10 days, or whatever you decide) become the property of the incubator operator.

You have to give them a deadline to pick up their chicks, or they will let you pay to raised them. You also must have the legal ability to dispose of chicks that aren't picked up. You don't want them coming around 4 weeks later, demanding their chicks, and then suing you because you sold them to someone else when they weren't picked up.
I have a big cabinet so somebody is always asking me to hatch for them. And while I have contracts for horse, cattle, goat, and dog sales I've never even thought about an egg contract.

I but them in the 'bator and call when chicks are ready to pick up. I've never had anyone that was not so excited to get their babies that they didn't show up pronto with the money and a box to collect the little fuzzies.
Chicken people are just nice mostly. Now horse people... are nuts!

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