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    Sep 18, 2012

    I'm looking for some sort of thread called "Egg Hatching for Dummies" or something like that. So far all I see here are posts from people who already know what they're doing (or at least have some general idea). I, on the other hand...have fallen off my rocker and purchased 5 frizzle eggs (guaranteed at least 2 will be frizzle feathered) that are due to be delivered on the 26th and I have NO IDEA what to do with them!
    We (my husband and I) had originally planned on buying day-old chicks (regular chickens) from the market, but ...then I had to click on a picture and see a frizzle and I fell in love - I don't care anymore if their eggs are the size of a rabbit turd I'll still crack 'em and fry 'em. Besides...what cute little deviled eggs they'll make right? (that's the excuse I tried to use when I told my husband what I did!) -_-

    I don't even have an incubator yet!! Thankfully we live in hickville USA and there are loads of places that sell incubators - I'm not worried about that.

    Which incubator though:

    Manual using regular household air?

    Too many things for me to learn and too little time left to learn it in....what was I thinking?? You don't need to slap me I've already done that to myself a few times...no mean replies necessary :(

    The eggs will be in the house with us and the chicks will be in the house with us for 2 months (8 weeks) because I read the forums.

    The coop will be made out of metal and wood (bought the plans and the supplies for it yesterday at Home Depot) and my husband is a steel worker and will use metal from work as well. It will have a tractor with all four corners having wheels so it's easier to move around the yard.

    Chickstarter is also easy -found five stores that sell it and I already have some on the way that I bought online.

    The heatlamp I've already purchased as well as some blankets (because I'm weird).

    I need as much advice as humanly possible in the next 6 days please....so by all means tell me everything you know from a to z (especially about hatching these li'l things).

    ...I don't even want to check my blood pressure right now. My ears are ringing so I'm sure it's through the roof.
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    Sep 18, 2012
    Doh..I found the sticky thread I think?? I'll go look at that.
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    by all means get a forced air (has a fan in it) incubator WITH an automatic egg turner (they're worth it). the fan will circulate the warm air all around the eggs which is better for them. also the egg turner will take away the task of you manually turning each egg at least 3 times daily.

    good luck,


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